AC DC High Voltage Break Down Tester


RR – AC DC HIPOT TESTERS can perform such precise dielectric test in a cost effective manner without any compromise on safety. Our hipot testers are custom made to suit needs of various industries and product ranges. A Singe tester can be used for conducting both AC and DC Insulation Testing.

Technical Specification :

INPUT : 230 V – Single Phase / 415 V – Two or Three Phase.


CURRENT RANGE : 5 Milli ampere to 1000 milliampere (higher ampere models also available).

COOLING : Air cooled or oil cooled as per requirement.

ACCESSORIES : All units upto 100 KV come with 3 meter non shielded HV cable.

Features :

→ Precise and accurate measurement of Insulation levels.

→ Available in ranges from 1 KV to 200 KV AC.

→ Zero interlock and Breakdown indicating buzzer.

→ Seprate Analog / Digital meters for AC and DC.

→ Rectifier Bank.

→ Resin cast / Oil cooled Transformers designed to ensure maximum safety.

→ Air cooled or Oil cooled control panels.

→ Manual / Automatic options for control panel.

→ Zero Interlock for HV ensuring HV is not activated unless variac is at zero.

→ Ground Fault indicator cum Protection.

→ Fast Acting Tripping – sensing both Input and Output Current Levels.

→ Easy to use interface.

→ Ensures a trouble free operation for a lifetime without much maintenance.

→ Customized to suit testing needs of customer.

→ Use of Standard components all confirming to CE standards.

The Salient Features Include :

→ Polarity in dc can be reversed in select models.

→ Easy to operate, compact and sturdy.

→ Maximum operator safety.

→ Panel mounted controls & indicators with easy legend.

→ Analog or digital meters.

→ Audio visual indication of high voltage test status.

→ Zero interlock for HT.

→ Electronic fast acting over current tripping device sensing HT current directly with selectable levels.

→ High voltage transformer epoxy moulded / oil cooled.

→ Control panel air cooled/ oil cooled – motorised / manual.

→ Timer optional.