Oil Test Set


RR-OIL TEST SET also known as OIL BDV KIT is an equipment-designed and produced to test the ELECTRICAL STREGTH of Liquid Insulating Materials such as Transformer Oil, Capacitor Oil etc. The test set carries out test on these materials as per Indian Standard Specification IS 6792. This Oil Test Set is essential for Transformer & Switchgear Manufacturers, also for oil filtration units.

Technical Specification :

INPUT : 230/240 Volts 1 Ph 50 Hz AC.

OUTPUT RANGE : 0-60 kV or 0-75 kV or 0-80 Kv or 0-100 kV or 0-120 kv Center Tap Earthed.

CAPACITY : 600 VA for 60 kv / 800 VA for 80 kv / 1 KVA for 100 kv and 120 kv.

INDICATING : Mains ‘ON’ & ‘HT ON’ Lamps. Ground Fault.

METERING : Panel mounting, moving coil rectifier type A Voltmeter to monitor output Volt Digital meters also available.

STIRRER : Magnetic Stirrer Optional.

Protection :

→ Zero Inter-Locking Arrangement.

→ Transparent Hood (Cover) on TEST CUP with door interlocking micro switch.

→ Electronic Fast Acting Over Current Tripping device sensing HT Current directly.

→ Ground fault Protector.

→ Phase Neutral Reversal Protector.

→ Over Current Protection.

→ Tripping Time < 10ms.

→ Breakdown at occurrence of first arc.

Special Features :

→ Test to IS 6792, IEC -156.

→ Ergonomic design complete user friendly.

→ Smooth operation from zero potential to FSV with motorized operation. Tests at power frequency itself.

→ Resin Encapsulated HT Transformer for Long Life.

→ Precise Tripping.

→ Transparent High Impact Methyle Mathacrylate (ACRYLIC) Test Cup.

→ Removable Mushroom Head Electrode (IS: 6792 & IEC: 156).

→ Duly Hardened Alloy Steel GO & NO GO gauge.

→ Motorised cum Manual Operation.

→ Unit Housed in Portable Air Cooled Metal Casing.

→ Stirrer available.