Relay Test Set


Relay testing equipment is a portable apparatus designed for checking the operating characteristics of protective relays on site. Rr Relay Testing Equipments are designed to facilitate routine test or periodic maintenance test of relays by simulating (as early as possible) fault conditions under which the protective relays are required to function. There are several approaches to the method of testing relays on site. The Relay Testing Equipments are secondary injection type and are intended to be used to test the relays after isolating them from live systems, either physically or electrically.

Description :

The set operates on single phase 230 Volts. A.C. 50 cycles power supply and provides a controllable test voltage and completely adjustable output current. All the switches, terminals, meters and knobs are mounted on bakelite engraved panel at the top. Input supply is through a 3 core cable. The unit has terminals to take relay trip, test voltage, test current, D.C. Voltage A.C. Voltage. The Ammeter will indicate the test current in percentage of the range selected and Voltmeter will indicate the voltage. Necessary indicating lamps are located for MAIN ON:.SET ON:. VOLTAGE ON and TIMER ON. The input power is fed on both the test voltage and test current circuits through switches. An electronic digital Time Interval Meter is provided for checking the tripping time of precision type relays under test. Operation of the relay trip circuit cuts OFF power supply to relay and stops simultaneously the time interval meter .The unit is provided with independent current circuit, independent voltage circuit and current voltage circuit. Meters Regulators, Switches, Indicating Lamps etc. are mounted on thick black bakelite panel duly engraved for easy connection and operation. Current selector, voltage selector, and current and voltage selector separately depending upon your requirements.

The potable design of the equipment makes it convenient to carry along and test at various locations.

Specification :

INPUT : 230/240V, A.C. Single Phase.

OUTPUT RANGE : 100 / 200 AMPS.

CURRENT RANGE : 0-1-5-10-25-50-100 – 200 AMPS.

OUTPUT VOLTAGE : 0-250 V.A.C/ 0-220 V. D. C.

INDICATING INSTRUMENTS : A.C. Ammeter to output current, A.C. Voltmeter to output voltage, D.C. Voltmeter to output D.C.Volt Digital Time Interval meter having range of 0-9999 Seconds.

Relay Test Set