DC High Voltage Break Down Tester


High Voltage Breakdown Testers also known as Hipot Testers or Insulation Testers are a necessity for any Transformer testing, Substation equipment testing, Cable testing, Panel testing and testing of various insulating materials. Insulation testing is very important to ensure and maintain the safety of electrical equipments and also for the safety of operator.

RR – DC HIPOT TESTERS can perform such precise dielectric test in a cost effective manner without any compromise on safety. Our hipot testers are custom made to suit needs of various industries and product ranges.

Technical Specification :

INPUT : 230 V – Single Phase / 415 V – Two or Three Phase.


CURRENT RANGE : 5 Milli ampere to 1000 milliampere (higher ampere models also available).

COOLING : Air cooled or oil cooled as per requirement.

ACCESSORIES : All units upto 100 KV come with 3 meter non shielded HV cable.

Features :

→ Precise and accurate measurement of Insulation levels.

→ Available in ranges from 1 KV to 200 KV AC.

→ Zero interlock and Breakdown indicating buzzer.

→ Analog / Digital meters.

→ Resin cast / Oil cooled Transformers designed to ensure maximum safety.

→ Air cooled or Oil cooled control panels.

→ Manual / Automatic options for control panel.

→ Zero Interlock for HV ensuring HV is not activated unless variac is at zero.

→ Ground Fault indicator cum Protection.

→ Fast Acting Tripping – sensing both Input and Output Current Levels.

→ Easy to use interface.

→ Ensures a trouble free operation for a lifetime without much maintenance.

→ Customized to suit testing needs of customer.

→ Use of Standard components all confirming to CE standards.